How To Adjust The Discharge Capacity of Concrete Mixer Pump?

Due to different construction condition, we need to adjust discharge capacity of concrete mixer pump to satisfy different construction requirement. Therefore, it is important to know how to adjust discharge capacity. Generally, we can use these ways as the followings:

Firstly, adjust the rotation speed of engine
In order to control discharge capacity of concrete pump mixer, you can change the rotation speed of engine. After changing rotation speed, you can change pumping speed.

Secondly, mechanical adjustment
You can adjust the size of the opening of throttle valve to change discharge capacity manually. Manually operating has the advantage of convenient and efficient, low cost and so on. Certainly, you should know that manually operating may has low accuracy.


Thirdly, electric proportional valve adjustment
You can change-over switch of remote control or control panel to realize the control for discharge capacity. It is a smart, accurate and convenient way. If you need, you can choose this method.

Concrete mixer pump is a new concrete machinery that is used to mix and pump concrete. We have the two types for sale: diesel concrete mixer with pump and electric concrete pump.

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