concrete mixer pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

aimix group JBS30 and  JB40R concrete mixer pumps have received high praises in Philippines

Concrete mixer pump, a new innovation of concrete pump, is the combination of concrete mixer with pump. So, the concrete mixer with pump can complete the feeding, mixing, pumping by itself. It is an efficient concrete mixer and pump equipment which simplifies construction process. With it, there are so many advantages, such as decreasing artificial expenses, improving efficiency of 4-6 times, reducing construction cost, increasing construction progress.

concrete line pump for sale concrete line pump for sale
JBS40-JS750concrete mixer pump JBS40-JS750concrete mixer pump
JBS40-JZC350 concrete mixer machine with pump JBS40-JZC350 concrete mixer machine with pump
JB40R-JZC350 JB40R-JZC350
concrete mixer pump concrete mixer pump

The concrete mixer with pump of our factory has strong performance with vertical transport of concrete about 70m and horizontal transport of concrete about 200m. Transporting concrete to higher and farther construction site is becoming an easy task for concrete pump mixer. It can fully meet all kinds of pouring concrete demands, such as building, bridge, tunnel construction, etc. We have many types of cement mixer and pump, like JB30R, JB40R, JBS30-JZC350, JBS40-JZC350, JBS40-JS500, JBS40-JS750. At the same time, concrete mixer and pump can be divided into electrical type and diesel type, customers can select them according to their need. We will supply  the most fairable concrete mixer pump price for them.

Model: JBS40-10-82R
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Motor Power: 55.75kw
Max Aggregate Size: 40mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Mixer Model: JZC350

Successful Latest Cases

With many years efforts, we Aimix Group have continually researched and developed our skill  of producing concrete mixer with pump machine. Concrete mixer pumps produced by us have many advantages, such as durable, long-lasting, energy saving, low environmental requirements, high quality but lower price and so on. We have established deep trust relationship with our clients. And our products have won high value at home and abroad. Many customers have purchased concrete mixers and pumps from us for safety. We have competitive products as well as possessing perfect service. Our concrete pump with mixer machines have been exported to many countries such as, Algeria, Australia, Botswana, Cambodia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia, Sir Lanka, Uganda, USA, etc.

JBS40 diesel concrete pump to Fiji
JBS40 concrete mixer pump was to Pakistan
concrete mixer pump
JB40R-JZC350 concrete mixer pump was to Russia
concrete mixer pump working sites picturers
our concrete mixer pumps working sites pictures

Aimix Main Type Of Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

The Advantages Of Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump We Supply

1. Diesel concrete mixer pump is not limited by electricity, is much more suitable for areas lacking electricity.
2. Equipped with hydraulic system, it is 95% more efficient than similar pump.
3. Has strong power force and more stable pumping performance, 20 cub concrete can be pumped per hour.
4. Lower fuel consumption. 8 dollars per hour can be saved than other pump manufactured than other manufacturers.
5. Lower faulty rate. Diesel engine supports power, the faulty rate will reduce by 90%.
6. More wear-resisting. Diesel concrete mixers with pump we supply have adopted 8mm steel material, which is thicker than 5mm steel diesel concrete mixing pump in the market.

JB30R- JZC350

Model: JB30R-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 30m3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Diesel engine model: 4100
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 120m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max. Aggregate Diameter: 30mm

Model: JB40R
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Diesel engine model: Deutz
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max. Aggregate Diameter: 40mm

Specifications Of Diesel Concrete Mixer With Pump For Sale:

Item Unit JB30R-JZC350 JB40R-JZC350
Rated Output m3/h 30 40
Max. Pressure On Concrete Mpa 10 10
Delivery Cylinder mm Ф140×1100 180×800
Main Oil Cylinder Bore/Rod Diameter X mm Ф80/55×1200 Ф100/70×1000
Oil Tank Capacity L 250 350
Outlet Opening Diameter mm Ф100 Ф125
Inner Dia. of Delivery Pipe mm Ф100 Ф125
Diesel Model WEIFANG4100 DEUTZ
Diesel Power KW 62 82
Max. Diameter Of Aggregates mm 30 40
Maximum Delivery Horizontal Distance M 600 700
Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance M 120 150
Mixer Type JZC350 JZC350
Capacity of Charge L 560 560
Capacity of Discharge L 350 350
Water Pump Motor Control Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Diameter of Drum mm 1440 1440
Mixing Time s 45-60 45-60
Length×Width×Height mm 5500×2300×2700 6000×2300×3150
Weight Kg 5000 5200

How Does A Concrete Mixing And Pumping Machine Work?

Actually, it is simple about working principle of cement mixer with pump. That is like a injection syringe. There are two concrete cylinders that one cylinder suck into concrete and the other pump concrete out.

Concrete mixer with pump for sale is an specific equipment which combined concrete mixer drum and pump. Firstly, raw materials enter into concrete mixer drum, The mixing drum is driven by the motor, and the mixed concrete is poured into the hopper.The material in the hopper shall enter into the conveying cylinder. And the conveying system shall be powered by the hydraulic system. The conveying cylinder shall be driven by the oil cylinder, one by one, and the concrete shall be pumped out.

Working Site Video Of Concrete Mixer Pump

A  working video of concrete mixer machine with pump may help you get further understanding. This video could show you how concrete mixer pump trailer work and operate.

The Outstanding Characteristics of Concrete Mixer Pump:

Electrical control system: we have designed totally-enclosed electric control cabinet which can ensure the control devices have good performance in bad working conditions.

PLC control system: If  having this system, the concrete pump with mixer and trailer concrete pump have higher reliability, longer life time. Also, there is trouble indicator which is helpful for eliminating fault.

Liftable side door: It is convenient for operating, maintenance. The side door of our concrete pump and mixer uses special craft to reduce the operating noise in an effective way.

Moving-wheel: There is moving wheel at the bottom of cement mixer pump. It is easy for moving from one place to another.

Aimix Main Type Of Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

JBS30-JZC350 Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Model: JBS30-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 30m3/h
Motor Power: 47.55kw
Max Aggregate Size: 30mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 500m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 120m
Mixer Model: JZC350

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concrete line pump for sale

Model: JBS40-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Motor Power: 55.75kw
Max Aggregate Size: 40mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Mixer Model: JZC350

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concrete pump

Model: JBS40-JS500
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Motor Power: 70.1kw
Max Aggregate Size: 40mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Mixer Model: JS500

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JBS40-JS750concrete mixer pump
JBS40-JS750 concrete mixer pump

Model: JBS40-JS750
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Motor Power: 83.6kw
Max Aggregate Size: 40mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Mixer Model: JS750

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Specifications of Electric Concrete Mixer Pump:

Items Unit JBS30-JZC350 JBS40-JZC350 JBS40-JS500 JBS40-JS750
Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity m3/h 30 40 40 40
Max Exit Pressure Mpa 10 11 11 11
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke mm Ф140×1000 Φ160×1200 Φ160×1200 Φ160×1200
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume L 370 370 370 370
Exit Diameter mm Ф100 Φ150 Φ150 Φ150
Conveying Pipe Inner Diameter mm Ф100 Φ125/150 Φ125/150 Φ125/150
Motor Power KW 47.55 55.75 70.1 83.6
Max Aggregate Size mm 30 40 40 40
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance M 500 600 600 600
Max Vertical Conveying Distance M 120 150 150 150
Mixer Model JZC350 JZC350 JS500 JS750
Input Volume L 560 560 750 1200
Output Volume L 350 350 500 750
Mixer productivity M3/h 44180 44180 25 35
Drum Diameter Mm 1440 1440
Drum Rotary Speed (without load) rpm 18 18
Outline Dimension (L*W*H) mm 4200x2300x2600 4200x2300x2600 5100*2250*2860 5200*2250*3110
Weight Kg 4200 4500 5500 6500

Some Advantages of Cement Mixer And Pump:

1. It has wide application and can meet many different requirements of construction sites.

2. The concrete mixing and pumping machine can save cost and promote production efficiency.

3. Self-centralized lubricating system ensures the effective lubricating for machine.

4. Easy operation, fine structure, advanced technology, long service life.

5. Easy maintenance, stable and continuous working, high-usage.

Our Perfect After-sales Service:

1. We will answer your email at the first time we have received your inquiry.

2. We will send expert to help you finish the installation as well as train your workers if you need.

3. We have professional after-sales service staff to help you to solve any problems immediately which you may meet after buying our machine.

4. We guarantee for you with lifelong maintenance at all times.

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Aimix Group as a concrete mixer pump manufacturer, playing an leading role in construction industry, has been established for over 30 years. We have mature and skillful manufacturing experience. The concrete mixing pump is one of our main products. Also, you can buy mobile concrete batch plant, stationary concrete batching plant, self loading concrete mixer, cement silos, concrete batching machines from our factory. We will provide you good quality and perfect service. Best machines from Aimix group have enjoyed a good reputation and competitive concrete mixer pump price at home and abroad. We have a lot of regular customers. They speak highly of our products and our services. Buying concrete mixing pump machines from us is reliable for you.

We are looking forward to having long term cooperate with you. If you are interested in our concrete mixer pump and want to know more about concrete mixer with pump price, don’t be hesitant to contact us!

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