Concrete Requirements In the Near Future

There is no doubt that during the next 10 to 20 years, large volumes of structural materials will be needed for repair and replacement of deteriorating structures, and for building new housing and infrastructure to meet the basic needs of millions of poor migrants to towns and cities. Among the three primary materials of construction, namely portland-cement concrete, steel, and timber, concrete is the most adaptable structural material for use under changing climate conditions. The microstructure and properties of concrete can be easily altered by cost-effective methods, to improve the impermeability and durability on exposure to weather extremes. Examples of a few large projects that are being planned for execution in countries such as the United States and China are presented next. The self load concrete mixer can mix concrete in large batches. It is the best choice for mixing concrete.


America’s infrastructure, built mostly during the World Wall Two years of the 20th century, is confronting a crisis that threatens public safety, industrial development and economic growth. On March 19, 2013, the American Society for Civil Engineers(ASCE) released its Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Conducted by an Advisory Pannel composed of the nation’s leading civil engineers whose areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum, the fifth such assessment undertaken by the ASCE has conferred on overall grade of “D+,” and estimated that an investment of 3.6 trillion U.S. dollars will be needed to raise the grade to a “B” level by 2020. We have many types of concrete drum mixer for sale.

Developing countries, namely India, Brazil, and South Africa, have also many projects that would require large amounts of concrete in the near future. A questionarises-do we have adequate resources of virgin raw materials for making portland-cement clinker, and aggregates for making concrete mixtures? Yes we do have large deposite of high-quality minerals and fossil fuels for making portland-cement clinker, and we also have abundance of rocks and sand deposits that are available worldwide, which are good sources of aggregates for concrete. In spite of such a bright future of the global concrete industry, this may not be realized because the carbon dioxide emissions attributable to human activities on the planet are increasing exponentially and are changing the global climate at a rate which threatens the survival of human life and built-environment on the Earth.

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