The Key Maintaining Points For Electric Control System Of Concrete Batching Plant

Anti-thunder and ground connection: it is important to have a anti-thunder device of concrete batching plant in some places with a lot of thunderstorm weather . It is necessary to check the connection of anti-thunder device and corrosion situation. If necessary, you should measure the resistance of anti-thunder device. You should check the safety ground connection of machine’s body and the system of anti-interference grounding. If there is something wrong, you should fix it timely. The top concrete mixer is also our hot sales product.

The connection of electric: you should check the hidden danger of circuit to ensure solid connection of electric. Checking the contactor and fixed situation of electrical element to make sure good connecting situation and good breakover. The connection of outdoor should have functions of dust prevention, safety and dampproof.

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Maintaining of weighing system: weighing system contains sensor, connector, magnifying glass. It is the important part of concrete batching plant. The protective main points: anti-thunder, dampproof and anti-damage. For the same weighing system, you should equip three and four sensors with same model and specification. The sensors of different specification may have different appearance. We also have concrete batching machine for sale.

Electric safety: all electric devices should meet the safe rules from designing to installing. And also, they should have safety precautions and safety sign.
Maintaining to electric equipment of outdoor: you should check the electric condition and test the sensibility and reliability of electric devices.

Today, I have introduced some key maintaining points for electric control system of mobile batch plant. Hope to be helpful. If you want to know more, contact us!

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