How To Maintain The Blade Of Concrete Mixer?

The concrete mixer is used to mix concrete. You can use it in the construction site and use it separately. Through the rotation of blade, the cement mixers can make the cement, aggregate and water to form concrete. So, the blade is important for concrete mixers. In the production process, the blade and mixing drum should work together well to make good mixing effect. Today, I would like to introduce some methods for maintaining the blade of concrete mixer.

When we use the concrete mixer, we should check the wear condition of concrete mixer. The wear of concrete mixer can reduce the evenness of concrete and can’t mix all materials. We should pay attention to maintenance of concrete mixer.

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Firstly, in the mixing process, the blade should mix materials continuously along with the high speed running of concrete mixer. During the mixing process, there are many materials left on the blade. It can increase the wear of blade of concrete mixer. We should clean the blade on time.

Secondly, after a long time use of concrete mixer, the bolt tightening blade would be loose slowly. The blade of concrete mixer would have a biased angle. Therefore, you should check the bolt and adjust the degree of tightness.

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