How to Maintain Concrete Mixer?

Concrete mixer can be used to mix concrete. It can greatly promote the productivity and evenness of concrete. So it is important for construction site. We can’t underestimate the function of concrete mixer. In order to extend the service life of concrete mixer, we should pay attention to the maintenance of concrete mixer. The price of concrete mixer is reasonable. Today, I would like to talk about how to maintain concrete mixer as the followings:

Firstly, we should clear all clutter outside and inside of the concrete mixer when we use the concrete mixer. And also, you should remember to check clutter in time. The clutter can affect the mixing effect of concrete mixer.

concrete mixer

Secondly, remember to lubricate. When we use the concrete mixer, we should remember to check it. If we find there is no enough lubricating oil, we should add lubricating oil timely. The small concrete mixers are fit for small and medium construction site.

During the using process, if we can find these small detailed problems and solve them as soon as possible, the concrete mixer will be used for a longer time. So, we should pay more attention to concrete mixer when we use it.

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