The Maintenance of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a kind of equipment which use pipeline to convey concrete, applying to transport and supply concrete in reinforced concrete structure construction, widely used in building projects, tube projects, bridge projects. Adopting the way of concrete transportation can not only reduce cost but also save time. The concrete line pumps are very useful and convenient.

Firstly, hydraulic oil is the medium of power transmission and is softener and coolant as well. When you choose it, you should consider operating conditions, surroundings and functions. Hydraulic oil of good quality should have appropriate viscosity, good lubricity, good anti-oxidation and good cleanness. Normal temperature of hydraulic oil is 20℃~60℃, and maximum temperature is 70℃.

It is appropriate to dump oil when hydraulic oil become warm so as to make dirt expel follow oil. Wash accumulation inside of system with low viscous hydraulic oil after dumping oil. Hydraulic oil should have antiseptic in order to avoid rusting of metal surface after dumping oil.

when oil pump and oil motor break down, you should remove and repair them, and then you should change hydraulic oil.


Avoiding oil contamination when control and use hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil drum should place alone and cover it with awning cloth to avoid dust and water. Also, every oil drum should be full loaded to avoid formation of condensate water. The cement mixer pump is a new type of concrete pump.

Check main system oil filter and oil return oil filter regularly and clean and change filter element when blocking.

Secondly, hydraulic oil container

Main pollution reasons of hydraulic oil container:

a. Dust at construction site.
b. hydraulic oil has not enough sediment entering into oil pump again due to small fuel tank.
c. Small oil mass of hydraulic system make turnover frequency increase correspondingly. Pollutant make trituration of hydraulic system increase.

Clean oil filter of oil inlet head in hydraulic oil container, and ensure that oil pump can take in enough hydraulic oil constantly.

When you operate concrete pump trailer for sale, you should do it according to brochure standard. Maintenance should do well daily which extends working life of equipment at the most extent, bringing you largest economic benefits.

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