The Maintenance Tips Of Concrete Mixer Pump

In order to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of concrete mixer pump, you should check and maintain on time to prevent hidden trouble. It is better that we should arrange professional technicists to check and maintain the pump according to rotating calculagraph. If there is abnormal phenomenon, we will not use the concrete mixer pump until the problem is solved. We can produce all kinds of concrete mixer pump. Also, we are the best concrete mixer supplier and manufacturer.

Daily check and maintain:
Daily maintenance means that we check , maintain concrete mixer pump in daily life. Also, it contains the maintenance work before pumping and the pumping process. Good daily maintenance not only can guarantee normal operation but also prolong the service life time. When you maintain machine, once you find problem, you should solve it as soon as possible.

best concrete mixer pump

Things needing your attention:
In daily maintenance time, you should comply with the demand of safety rules.

1.After machine’s storing a long time, you should let out condensate water in hydraulic oil tank. Usually, the condensate water deposits at the bottom of oil tank. You should open the oil drainage ball valve under oil tank until there is pure oil flowing out.

2.Observe the liquid indicator, when oil level is below the low liquid level, you should add oil.

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