YLB1500 mobile asphalt mixing plant

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

YLB1500 mobile asphalt mixing plant

YLB Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Production Capacity:40t/h—60t/h

Modular design

main module is equipped with trailer and chassis

rapid relocation and installation

produce high quality asphalt mixture

PLC automatic control system

Large Production

Mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale is designed based on stationary asphalt mixing plant, it has the same advantages with stationary asphalt mixing plant that large production of good quality asphalt mixture and high accurate screening and measurement. Moreover, mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale has its unique advantages that it has added mobile chassis and related parts. Therefore mobile asphalt batch mixing plant is easy to move and quick assembly in the working site, which could save a lot of time and cost in installation. In a word, mobile asphalt mixing plant is a better choice for medium and large size project that requires large amount asphalt mixture and need frequent move work site.

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Parts Overview

1. Mobile chassis

Main parts of mobile asphalt mixing plant can be supported on the mobile chassis that is more convenient to move and transport from one site to another site, and could be put into production after movement in a short period.


2. Cold aggregate supplying system

A. Based on frequency conversion speed regulation, can be set according to the output and ratio requirements of accurate speed regulation;

B. Automatic alarm device for material shortage detection;

C. Safety emergency switch;

D. Modular design, more convenient for installation and disassembly.


3. Drying system

High-tech crystallization – DGT new multi – functional drying cylinder.

A. Dual purpose. The machine can be used for both production of new materials and regeneration of old materials.

B. New design, the use of patented technology (patent no. : ZL201220591928.8) power drive structure, effectively reduce power consumption

C. The combustion chamber adopts special technology. The fuel oil or coal is 20% lower than the ordinary drum, and the energy consumption of recycled old materials is 35% ~ 50% lower than other regeneration methods.


4. Burner

A. Large adjustment ratio 1:10, using advanced computer proportional adjustment mode, smooth start, high temperature control accuracy;

B. Integrated design compact structure, easy installation and maintenance;


5. Screening system

A. Aggregate double warehouse synchronous measurement technology, improve the measurement speed of 50%, built-in up and down exhaust dust pipe design, prevent the flow caused by the drift of the value;

B. The use of dynamic accurate control of secondary measurement technology, aggregate, asphalt, haggle over every ounce;

C. Automatic drop compensation, overweight alarm, automatic locking, automatic worry and effort saving.


6. Mixing system

A. Designed and manufactured according to European standards.

The service life, overload capacity and other indicators of asphalt concrete mixers of mobile bitumen batching plant exceed the national standard, and the maximum mixing capacity of a single batch can reach 4500kg.

B. Two shaft-mounted reduction motors are driven independently, with synchronous gears and more stable operation;

C. High-pressure asphalt spraying pump, grid-type powder delivery mechanism greatly reduces the mixing time and improves the mixing efficiency.

D. The international standard of high strength wear-resisting alloy material, mixing blade working life of more than 100,000 batches.


7. Dust collection system

A. The multi-stage dust removal system enables the dust to be recovered and reused according to the particle size grading to maximize the utilization rate of raw materials;

B. High-pressure pulse-type cloth bag dust remover can remove dust more thoroughly and achieve higher efficiency;

C. The flue is equipped with an over-temperature ceasefire protection device and a cold air valve, effectively ensuring the safety of the use of cloth bags;

D. Adopt famous brand high quality induced draft fan to minimize the operation cost of equipment.

Dust catcher system

8. Control system

A. Adopt foreign advanced micro-control technology, PLC, PC computer control equipment;

B. The control components are trusted by Siemens, omron, mitsubishi and other companies;

C. Optional GPS positioning system and remote data transmission system can realize remote program upgrade, fault diagnosis and fault warning, ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of equipment;

D. The man-machine interface is more humanized, through which the whole production process can be controlled and managed;

E.Humanized design of central control room makes operation more convenient

control -system

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer For Over 35 Years– Aimix Group

Aimix group is one of largest and earliest mobile asphalt plant manufacturers in China, with more than 35 years and more than 10 exporting experience. We have built more than 500 sets of asphalt mixing plant in more than 40 countries, such as Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Romania, Australia, Canada, Algeria, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, etc. And we have set up more than 6 sub offices in several countries as long as supplying best service for customers.

Models Of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant We Supply

Aimix group as a professional mobile asphalt batching plant supplier, we have launched many models of mobile asphalt plant for sale such as YLB800, YLB1000, YLB1200 and YLB1500.

YLB800 mobile asphalt plant
YLB800 mobile asphalt plant

Type YLB800
Production Capacity(t/h) 40
Drying roller drive(KW) 7.5×2
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Fileter area(m³) 260
Vibrating screen(layer) 4
Hot aggregate bin(m³) 9.5
Rated mixing capacity(kg) 600
Asphalt tank(m³) 30
Heavy oil tank(m³) 30
Thermal oil furnace(kcal/h) 300,000

How To Choose Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturers?

It is no doubt that there are many asphalt mixing plant mobile manufacturers in the market. And there are many ways to find manufacturers. Searching online is a good way to find and compare good mobile asphalt batching plant for sale manufacturers. Then how to choose a right manufacturer? Here are some advises and hope it will help you.

1. Company strength

Mobile asphalt plant customer wanna buy should consider manufacturers as the first place, it is an essential factor that decide the good quality of mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale, and mobile asphalt mixing price offered by the strong strength manufacturers is much more reasonable. Furthermore, the service of mobile asphalt mixing plant supplier with good reviews will be considerable and professional.

2. Manufacturing technology

Getting a high efficient and good quality mobile hot mix plant that certainly will be matched with advanced and skilled manufacturing technology.

YLB1000 mobile asphalt plant

Type YLB1000
Production Capacity(t/h) 80
Drying roller drive(KW) 5.5×4
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Fileter area(m³) 420
Vibrating screen(layer) 4
Hot aggregate bin(m³) 9.5
Rated mixing capacity(kg) 1200
Asphalt tank(m³) 40
Heavy oil tank(m³) 40
Thermal oil furnace(kcal/h) 300,000

YLB1200 plant
YLB1200 aspahlt plant

Type YLB1200
Production Capacity(t/h) 120
Drying roller drive(KW) 11×4
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Fileter area(m³) 510
Vibrating screen(layer) 4
Hot aggregate bin(m³) 14
Rated mixing capacity(kg) 1700
Asphalt tank(m³) 40
Heavy oil tank(m³) 40
Thermal oil furnace(kcal/h) 500,000

After-sale Service

To be honest, service is an important standard to measure a good mobile asphalt mixing plant china manufacturer or not. If a manufacturer want to go far of their business, service will be one of strong points to manage. Having good after sale service will help not only customers but manufacturers themselves.

Aimix group have known well about the deep significance of after sale service, that will bring us good reviews and more customers. Do well on this part will reach a good further and have win-win situation.

About Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Price Info

Price is always a hot topic in all walks of life. Here will describe information about mobile asphalt mix plant.

We can see that aimix group has various types of mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale, and the price is different from different types of mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale, customers want to get mobile asphalt batch plant price, please send us your inquiry on the website or send emails to us, we will contact you for giving you best mobile asphalt plant price.

Here deserved to refer is that maybe the mobile asphalt batching plant price is not the most cheapest, but we provide products are the best in quality. Customers should not only pay attention on the cheapest mobile asphalt mixing plant price, the quality and service are points that should be considered more.

YLB1500 mobile asphalt mixing plant in Indonesia

DHB80 asphalt mixing plant in Philippines
DHB80 mobile asphalt mixing plant in Philippines

YLB1000 mobile asphalt batching plant in Thailand

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