What Should You Do Before Operating PLD Concrete Batching Machine?

In order to avoid unnecessary machine halt and maintenance, promote working efficiency and ensure safety of workers, you should check these main parts of concrete batching machine before operating. I would like to talk about these tips with you.

Firstly, you should check whether the wire of electric part is firm and appropriate.

Secondly, during concrete batching machine working, you should check all parts of the machine, such as transport belt, driven roller, etc. If you find abnormal condition, stop the concrete batching machine and eliminate promptly.

Thirdly, add grease to all parts of concrete batching machine. You should take belt roller apart and add grease one time at every year.


Fourthly, you should guarantee the quality of stone. Good quality stone can reduce the damage to transport belt.

Fifthly, you should maintain the air compressor and pneumatic components as required.

Sixthly, pay more attention to accurateness of concrete batching machine weighing system. You should proofread the accuracy through cement on a regular time. Accuracy is crucial to weighing system of concrete batching machine. Reasonable ingredient ratio can ensure the quality of concrete.

As one of mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers, concrete batching machine of AIMIX has high accuracy, fast speed, strong control function, easy operation, high performance.

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