The Operating Process Of Water Supplying System Of Concrete Batching Plant

Continuous water supplying is the basic condition that can make sure the normal working of concrete batching plant. So, it is necessary to regulate the operating of water supplying system. In this article, I would like to introduce the water supplying process of stationary concrete plant china.

Firstly, before using
Check whether the connection between electrical machine and electrical machine component is firm or not. The shell of distribution cabinet should be ground connection.
You should guarantee the upper limit switch can work normally.

Prepare for water storage container, put the container near the water pump, and put suction valve into container. Meanwhile, you should make sure that the water is clean.


Secondly, after using
Reach the specific time, the water supplying circuit of concrete batching plant can be cut off by itself. Press the left button, push into washing pipe, connect up water pipe, then wash the surface of concrete mixer. Pull out flushing pipe, and return to normal supplying condition. The trailer concrete pumps for sale is used to convey concrete for long distance.

Thirdly, matters needing attention
Commonly, the control valve of concrete batching plant has been adjusted well when leave the factory. You don’t need to adjust it again. If you need, find a professional worker to adjust.

When the workers become familiar with the operating process of water supplying system. They also should maintain the water supplying system on time. Timely maintenance can prolong the service life time of concrete batching plant.

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