How to Prolong the Service Life Of Concrete Mixer?

The concrete mixer is mainly used to mix cement and aggregate. After mixing, there must be some cement solidified inside mixing barrel and mixing propeller. Under the circumstances, we should know how to maintain the concrete mixer. Only this, we can prolong the service life of concrete mixer.

Today, I would like to share some tips of maintaining cement mixers as the followings. Hope to be helpful. And, if you have any problems, contact us.

Firstly, get a good preparation before you use concrete mixer. You should check whether all parts can work normally or not.

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Secondly, in the working process, you should pay attention to electric motor and transfer gear. You can judge them from working sound. If there is some unnormal noise, you should stop concrete mixer and check it seriously.

Thirdly, after working, you should clean concrete mixer in a correct way. Clear off the garbage if the mixer body. Also, you need to add some of lubricating oil which can protect the concrete mixer from friction damage. We also have twin shaft mixers for sale.

If we maintain concrete mixer daily, the concrete mixer will have long service life. Meanwhile, maintaining work can guarantee concrete of high quality.

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