The Safe Operation Rules of Concrete Mixer

The concrete mixer is widely used in construction site. It is mainly used into mixing the concrete mixture of cement, aggregate and water. In the operation process, we should pay more attention to some safe operation rules. Only these, we can prolong the service life. And also, we can guarantee the safe of the worker.

The Safe Operation Rules of Concrete Mixer As the Followings:

1.You should check whether the clutch, brake, wirerope are in good condition before starting concrete mixer.

2.When rising the feeding hopper, you should make sure that there is no one under the hopper. After working, you should fix the hopper solidly. We also have mobile concrete mixer for sale.

JS1000 concrete mixer

3.When the concrete mixer is running, you should not put tool into the drum.

4.When you examine and repair the concrete mixer, you should fix the hopper solidly and cut off power.

5.After finishing work, you should clean the inside of the concrete mixer, add appropriate lubricating oil, cut off power and lock the door.

The above are the safe operation rules of concrete mixer. See these carefully. I think these are benefit for you. As the professional concrete mixer supplier, If you want to know more about concrete mixer, contact us!

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