The Safety Check For Trailer Concrete Pump

The safety check is the important measure to eliminate the hidden danger of people safety and equipment safety. In order to guarantee the safety of workers and reduce accidents, we should check the concrete trailer pump.


Firstly, check whole equipment. The conveying tube should be checked on time. If you don’t use for a long time, you should check once at least. If the operating time above 5ooh or pumping output reaches 2000om/3, you should check the equipment as soon as possible. The checker should have professional qualification and should record and keep inspection result. When using equipment reaches a certain years, each part may has different degree of wear abrasion and ageing. Checking and maintaining the equipment can guarantee high performance.

Secondly, appropriate lubricating. Before starting the equipment, you should check whether the oil tank has enough lubricating oil. During pumping process, you should make sure S valve trailer concrete pump has good lubricating condition. If you find abnormal condition, you should check and maintain it right now.

After checking whole equipment of trailer concrete pump, you can reuse it when there is no hidden danger. If you are interested in our concrete pump, contact us. We also have mixer pump, hand concrete mixer for sale.

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