The Safety Operating Principles For Concrete Trailer Pump

The trailer concrete pump is a common pump in construction site. In working process, it is used to pump high pressure fluids. Therefore, you should be careful when you operate it. Here are some safety principles before operating.

1. Check the position of trailer pump. The concrete trailer pumps should be placed on the ground of horizontal and dense.

2. You should pay attention to whether the way of concrete conveying and discharging is appropriate or not.


3. Check power supply and water source. Before you start electric motor, you should make sure sufficient power supply, water source, normal electrical and hydraulic machinery. Also, you should check the rotating direction. If rotating direction is wrong, you should change two phase power cord.

4. Check oil level of oil tank. You should add hydraulic oil when there is no sufficient oil.

5. Before starting trailer pump, you should make sure closed hopper sieve, clean washing chamber.

6. When temperature is low, you should make trailer pump run without material for a certain time. When temperature reaches 20℃, you can load and pump concrete.
7. Check whether there is any inflammable and explosive dangerous goods on surrounding environment.

We hope these principles are helpful for you. As professional concrete pump manufacturer, there are many other types of pumps, such as truck mounted concrete pumps for sale, concrete line pumps for sale, etc.

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