The Safety Precautions Of Concrete Batching Plant

HZS50 concrete plant

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As a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer for more than 30 years. We aimix group has rich experience in manufacturing concrete batching plant. We have more than 1000 staffs and 260 engineers in our company. If you have any question about concrete batching plant, please contact us on the website or send us We have 24 hours free consulting service online.

Here are some introduction of simple tips when operating concrete batching plant!

In the period of using:

Firstly, in order to operate and use the system in a better way, you should read and try to understand instructions. It can help you have a better understanding of structure and function of concrete batching plant. Also, it can make you know well about operation rules and maintaining machine. Meanwhile, it can increase the probability of machines and decrease the fixing cost and opening time.

Secondly, in the lighting storms days, you should not operate concrete batching plant. You should close system and cut off power.

HZS35 concrete bactching plant in Manila
HZS35 concrete bactching plant in Manila

In the period of operating and maintaining:

Firstly, the main engine of concrete mixer and conveyor belt should avoid load when you start the machines.

Secondly, you should backup data to other storage medium in a fixed time( one month, two month). You can decide the time according to the amount of data.

Thirdly, when you change sensor, you should demarcate weighing system again.
Fourthly, you should keep the access door in a open situation when you enter into the main engine of concrete mixer to clean and main the mixer and concrete mixer with pump.

Fourthly, the safety precaution of checking and maintaining concrete mixer and belt:
1.Cut off general switch, close the door and hang a warning board.

2.Press the emergency stop button of operating platform and take down the key(if there is)

3.There is emergency stop button at both ends of conveyor. You should press emergency stop button when you check and maintain conveyor belt.

The above are some safety precautions of concrete batching plant. If you want to know more, contact us!

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