The Safety Specifications Of Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump is multi-functional machine which can mix and pump concrete. With the development of economy and society, we need to build higher buildings. Concrete mixer pump can convey concrete to farther place. It is a good equipment for the development of construction. Today, I would like to introduce some safety specifications of concrete mixer pump. We also have concrete mixer machine for sale.

The protection to operator:

  1. When you operate concrete mixer pump, you should wear safetyhelmet, gloves, safety shoes, protective glasses, and other labor protection appliance.
  2. Prohibiting non-workers enter into working area. Whoever goes to dangerous area, you should wear all laborprotection appliance. Otherwise, you should stop working.

top concrete mixer pump

The requirements for operator:

  1. The operator should know well about safety operating guidance before you operate and receive strict training. The mobile concrete plants are also our main products.

Safety Reminding:

  1. Non-professional technicists can’t fix concrete mixer pump.
  2. When you change some parts of your pump, you’d better to use the same brand.
  3. You can’t change and remove the original safety
  4. Before operating, you should read safety rules carefully. And also, you should remind some rules.

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