Sicoma Concrete Mixer

If you have a business where you are responsible for pouring concrete on a regular basis, you will want to do so in the most efficient manner. It is possible for you to improve the manner in which you mix and pour the concrete when you have a Sicoma concrete mixer. There are so many to choose from, and all of them provide a comparable type of service.

Concrete mixers of our company have the series of Sicoma planetary mixer and Sicoma twin shaft mixer. Sicoma mixer is a versatile mixer which is not only used in concrete production industry, but also used in the industry of metallurgy, glass, ceramic, dry powder. Our company is a big scale and well-known enterprise, which has professional technicians, salespersons, after-sales service staffs. Our company has made a big breakthrough on the innovation of Sicoma mixers. We have the most advanced technology, the best quality and the perfect after-sales service. The cement mixer of our company is your best choice.

The Scioma twin shaft concrete mixer has the modes of MAO, MEO, MSO. They adopt multiple shaft-end seal which can prevent the mixture from leaking. They can be equipped with monitoring system of mixers which can monitor the working condition of reduction gearbox, discharging pump, lubrication pump well.

The Scioma planetary concrete mixer is suitable for mixing high purity concrete which can mix more evenly. It is the best choice for the industry of building block and prefabrication. Compared twin-shaft concrete mixer, it has lower height which is easy for allocation plan of batching plant.

How Mixers Work
These products are actually very simple to use. It is a heavy-duty mixer, probably the most common mixer that is used today. It is able to help people that are doing block, precast, or ready mix jobs, making their ability to pour concrete so much easier. It works by pouring in the concrete mix, and the appropriate amount of water. It is able to force the concrete to completely absorb the water. This will create a very fluid slurry of concrete, and all of the aggregate particulate matter will be uniformly mixed. This is what allows people to have a very strong concrete base, and this is exactly what the Sicoma mixer of our company will do for you.

sicoma concrete mixer
sicoma concrete mixer

Dry Filling Capacity(L): 2250
Compact Concrete(L): 1500
Motor Power(KW):2×30
Weight(Kg): 6.5
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Sicoma concrete mixer
sicoma concrete mixer

Dry Filling Capacity(L): 1500
Compact Concrete(L): 1000
Motor Power(KW):2×18.5
Weight(Kg): 5.05
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sicoma concrete mixer
sicoma concrete mixer

Dry Filling Capacity(L): 1250
Compact Concrete(L): 750
Motor Power(KW):2×18.5
Weight(Kg): 4.3
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Finding A Deal On Sicoma Concrete Mixers
If you are looking for one of these Sicoma mixers, you should be able to get one for a very reasonable price. The reason that these mixers of our company are so popular are because of their efficiency, and their ability to create a perfect batch of concrete every time. If you are able to get one on sale, this will enhance your business, and also allow you to save more money.

Sicoma concrete mixers are simply the best way to produce concrete that is perfect for every job that you have. It will be absolutely fluid, and will pour smoothly into place, and set with as much strength as possible. Find a Sicoma concrete mixer of our company, and it will certainly change the efficiency level of your business and the quality of the cement that you pour every time. Our concrete pan mixer is also sold very well.

Look At The Good Quality Inner Structure Of Sicoma Concrete Mixer:

the mixing shaft
the mixing shaft
the mixing shaft of Sicoma concrete mixer
the mixing shaft of Sicoma concrete mixer

Features and Advantages:
1. It is a versatile mixer which is not only used in concrete production industry, but also used in the industry of metallurgy, glass, ceramic, dry powder.

2. High mixing effect, high mixing speed, high working efficiency.

3. Easy to operation, low energy consumption, small noise.

4. It has long service life.

Model Dry Filling Capacity(L) Compact Concrete(L) Scraper Motor Power(kw) Weight(T)
MAO2250/1500 2250 1500 12 2×30 6.5
MAO3000/2000 3000 2000 16 2×37 7.5
MAO4500/3000 4500 3000 18 2×55 9.2
MAO6000/4000 6000 4000 22 2×75 11.8
MAO6000/4500 6000 4500 24 2×75 12.2
MAO7500/5000 7500 5000 20 2×90 15
MAO9000/6000 9000 6000 24 4×55 18
MSO1500/1000 1500 1000 12 2×18.5 5.05
MSO1750/1250 1750 1250 12 2×22 5.13
MSO2250/1500 2250 1500 14 2×30 5.62
MEO1250/750 1250 750 10 2×18.5 4.3
MEO1500/1000 1500 1000 10 2×18.5 4.4
MEO3000/2000 3000 2000 16 2×37 6.9

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