The Specifications of Adding Lubricating Oil to Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Most of mobile concrete batching plant adopts twin shaft forced concrete mixer which needs adding lubricating oil on times. If there is no maintenance regular, the concrete mixer device will get rusty. Therefore, it will affect the normal using.

The concrete batching plant is a set of steel machine. So, it is import to add lubricating oil for mobile concrete batching plants.

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Specifications of Adding Lubricating Oil:

  1. According to the instruction book, you should add lubricating oil to every parts of concrete batching plants in time. So, each parts of concrete batching plant can run well.
  2. Interms of specifications of concrete batching plant, you should change the lubricating oil of oil tank, oil sump on time. When you change lubricating oil, you should clean oil tank, oil sump carefully.
  3. For the lubricating oil, you should insistto buy pure oil to avoid of machine damaging. Pure lubricating oil can protect your concrete batching plant and make them have long service life.

As concrete batching plant manufacturer and supplier, we have various of mobile concrete batching plant for sale. Adding lubricating oil on time is necessary for concrete batching plat. You should pay attention to this job. If you want to know more, contact us!

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