Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

ready mix concrete plant ready mix concrete plant
ready mix concrete plant ready mix concrete plant
HZS180-concrete-batching-plant HZS180-concrete-batching-plant

The stationary concrete batching plant is used to mix concrete. The whole mixing plant contains many single machines, such as aggregate batching machine, feeding belt conveyor, cement silos, screw conveyors, weighing scales, transition hopper, additive feed system, concrete mixers, control system, pneumatic system and water supply system. HZS series concrete batching plant belongs to stationary type. The stationary concrete batching plant is a kind of large-scale plant which has high productivity. So, it is widely used for building high-speed railway, highway, buildings, bridges, airports, ports and water conservation projects.  We are one of largest manufacturers of concrete mixing plants over 30 years, we have exported our stationary concrete batching plant to many countries, such as Sir Lanka, Russia, Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ethiopia, Philippines, USA, and so on.

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Among plenty of concrete batching plant brands, the stationary concrete plant of our factory has the advantages of higher production efficiency, better mixing quality, accurate weighing system, longer working services and looking well. It is a top choice that no matter customers purchase concrete batch plant for engineering use or commercial concrete sale.  As the best one of concrete batching plant manufacturers, we also have mobile concrete batching plant for sale. The types of our stationary concrete mixing plants are: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240.

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Rated Productivity(m3/h):25
Concrete Mixer:JS500
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3×3.2
Discharging height(M): 3.8 m
Gross weight(T):10
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Rated Productivity(m3/h):35
Concrete Mixer:JS750
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×7.3
Discharging height(M): 3.8 m
Gross weight(T):15
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Rated Productivity(m3/h):50
Concrete Mixer:JS1000
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×8.3
Discharging height(M): 3.8 m
Gross weight(T):40
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Rated Productivity(m3/h):75
Concrete Mixer:JS1500
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×12
Discharging height(M): 3.8 m
Gross weight(T):50
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Specifications Of Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant

Type HZS25 HZS35 HZS50 HZS75
Theoretical production capacity(m?/h) 25 35 50 75
Concrete mixer Type JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power(KW) 24.75 38.6 51 65.5
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60 80/60
Aggregate Bin volume(m?) 2/3×3.2 2/3/4×7.3 2/3/4×8.3 2/3/4×12
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG) 1500Kg ±2% 2200Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 4500Kg ±2%
Cement(KG) 300Kg ±1% 450Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1% 1500Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG) 400Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1%
Water (KG) 200Kg ±1% 200Kg ±1% 400Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1%
Additive(KG) 30Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1%
Discharging height(M) 3.8 m 3.8 m 3.8 m 4.1m
Gross weight(T) 10 15 40 50
concrete batching plant

Rated Productivity(m3/h):60
Concrete Mixer:JS1000
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×8.38
Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h):300
Total Power(KW): 120Kw
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concrete batching plant

Rated Productivity(m3/h):90
Concrete Mixer:JS1500
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×12
Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h): 450
Total Power(KW): 165Kw
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concrete batching plant

Rated Productivity(m3/h):120
Concrete Mixer:MAO3000/2000
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×20
Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h): 550
Total Power(KW): 130Kw
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concrete batching plant

Rated Productivity(m3/h):180
Concrete Mixer:MAO4500/3000
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):2/3/4×30
Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h):650
Total Power(KW): 170Kw
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concrete batching plant

Rated Productivity(m3/h):240
Concrete Mixer:MAO6000/4000
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3):40
Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h):900
Total Power(KW): 220KW
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Working Video Of  Aimix Group Concrete Batching Plant

Specifications Of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant 

Type HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180 HZS240
Theoretical production(m3/h) 60 90 120 180 240
Concrete mixer Type JS1000 JS1500 MAO3000/2000 MAO4500/3000 MAO6000/4000
Power(KW) 18.5 65.5 74 110 150
1000 1500 2000 3000 4000
Aggregate size
80/60 80/60 80 150 150
Aggregate Bin volume(m3) 8.38 12 20 30 40
Belt conveying Capacity(t/h) 300 450 550 650 900
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate (KG) 3000Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 2200Kg ±2% 3000Kg ±2% 4200Kg ±2%
Cement(KG) 1500Kg ±1% 1500Kg ±1% 1200Kg ±1% 1800Kg ±1% 2200Kg ±1%
Fly ash(KG) 600Kg ±1% 900Kg ±1% 400Kg ±1% 500Kg ±1% 800Kg ±1%
Water (KG) 600Kg ±1% 600Kg ±1% 500Kg ±1% 800Kg ±1% 1000Kg ±1%
Additive(KG) 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 50Kg ±1% 80Kg ±1% 80Kg ±1%
Total power(KW) 120Kw 165Kw 130Kw 170KW 220KW
Discharging height(M) 3.8 m 4.1 m 4.1m 4.1m 4.1m

The Advantages Of Our Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

The standard design of aggregate batching machine has four bins. Certainly, we can redesign the amount of bins according to your requirement.

We have designed maintenance walkway at two sides of the inclined belt conveyor which is easy for belt maintenance. Adopting emergency stop pull switch, it is safe to operate and maintain.

With automatic cleaning equipment, the belt can be cleaned automatically which can ensure the cleanness of belt. It is very convenient for cleaning belt. You don’t need to clean it on purpose.

The advanced digital control system is one part of the concrete batching plant, an new type of innovation, which is used for centralized control of every part of the concrete batching plant.

In this place, you can operate the whole concrete batching plant. Also, the concrete batching machine of our factory has good quality.

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4. We guarantee for you with lifelong maintenance at all times.

Aimix, an leader in the construction machinery industry, will provide you superior quality and perfect service. Our machines have been exported to many countries, such as Nigeria, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and so on. Our customers speak highly of our concrete batching plant, self loading concrete mixers, and concrete mixer pump. So, feel free to buy our concrete batching plant.

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