The Tips of Cleaning Concrete Mixer

Today, I would like to talk about the tips of cleaning concrete mixer. I hope this article will be benefit for you.

As we all know, concrete mixer is the main machine of mobile batch plants. In order to achieve concrete production in the given time, you should choose the appropriate machine. Also, you should follow some rules when you use and clean concrete mixer.
Cleaning concrete mixer is necessary. If you don’t clean concrete mixer, it will affect the quality of concrete directly. The tips of cleaning concrete mixer are as the following:

1. You can’t strike the concrete inside the mixing drum with a sledge hammer. You can use the chipper to clean concrete mixer.

diesel concrete mixer

2. When the concrete mixer finishes work, you should put water and gravel into mixing drum to clean concrete mixer. After 10-15 minutes, clean out the water and gravel. You should cut off power during the process of cleaning.

3. You should clean concrete mixer at fixed period. Meanwhile, you should maintain concrete mixer on time, such as lubricating, adding oil. The self loader concrete mixer is also our hot sale product.

4. If you have enough conditions, you should try your best to clean concrete mixer daily.
The above are the tips of cleaning concrete mixer. If you want to know more about concrete mixer, contact us.

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