Welded Type Cement Silo

AIMIX welded cement silo
AIMIX welded cement silo

Welded type cement silo connects each piece by a welding way. It is best choice for short distance transportation. Aimix Group is a profession welded type cement silo manufacturer with more than 35 history. Aimix can supply welded-type cement silo with wide range of raw materials, such as cement, fly ash, microsilica, grain, lime and others. In general, below capacity below 50t is welded type cement silo. It is matched with a screw conveyor to delivery materials into transport vehicles.

100t cement silo
50t welded cement silo in Aimix
Model: 50Ton
Tanker Diameter: 3m
Tanker Height: 5.4m
Tanker Total Height: 12m
Matched mixer: JS500
Matched screw conveyor: LSY219
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Advantaged Of Welded Type Cement Silo

Welded type cement silo is usually a small capacity cement silo. Moreover, it requires little installation time while only needs to be lifted and put it on the foundation at the work place. Welded type cement silo is transported as being a single piece. Furthermore, welded cement silo has good leak proof features. It has good characters of rain proof, moisture proof, small land area demand, long service life and reduce dust pollution.

The Procedure Of Installation Of Welded Type Cement Silo

1. Firstly, it is necessary to build a concrete foundation at the beginning.

2. Secondly, after welded type cement silo is transported on the working site, use a crane to lift the whole welded type cement silo to the ground vertically.

3. Thirdly, weld its bottom firmly with the embedded parts of the foundation.

How To Put Cement Into 50T Welded Type Cement Silo?

There are two methods to make cement enter into silos.

1. Bulk cement tank truck transports cement through the conveying pipe of bulk cement truck and the feeding pipe of 50T welded type cement silo, and transports the cement inside the tank to the cement silos through the gas pressure of bulk cement truck.

2. Cement is loaded into the welded type silos by the cement hoist.

Other Bolted Type Cement Silo Aimix Supply

300t cement-silo

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100t cement silo
100t cement silo

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150t cement silo

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200t cement silo

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Wide Application Of Welded Type Cement Silo

Welded type cement silo has strong protection functions such as rain proof, moisture proof, and convenient usage etc.

It is very useful for storing bulk cement materials or other bulk dry material of small size construction projects, commercial concrete batching plant, road, bridge and water conservancy engineering. In general, welded cement silo wholesale is used as auxiliary product of concrete batching plant.

30 Welded-Cement-Silo


Tanker Diameter:2.6m

Tanker Height:4.8m

Tanker Total Height:12m

Matched mixer:JDC350

Matched screw conveyor:LSY219
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Welded Type Cement Silo Structure

Like other cement silo, welded silo is also composed of dust-catcher, guardrail, ladder, body of bin, level indicator, feeding tube, broken arch, manual butterfly valve, maintenance platform and holder.

One 50T welded type cement silo requires 1 * 40 HQ to transport.


About Price Of Welded Type Cement Silo

With the variety types and height of welded type cement silo, the prices is different from different models. If you want to get the specific price list, please contact us on the website or send emails to us: market@concrete-mixer.net.

What Kind Of Welded Type Cement Silo Manufacturer We Are?

Aimix group is a integrative cement silo manufacture in China, we have more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience. There are more than 200 sets of cement silo products exported to more than 30 countries. Besides welded type cement silo, we also can supply bolted type cement silo. You can check more while you contact us.

50t welded cement silo to Uzbeistan
50t cement silo to Australia
50t welded cement silo to Australia
30T cement silo sent to south africa
30T cement silo sent to south africa

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After-Sale Service

1. Customize according to customers’ requirements.

2. Design the most appropriate plan for customer.

3. Supply technique training for customers.

4. Supply installation and on-site debugging, and operating manual.

5. Supply guide videos.

6. Regular maintenance service about four times every year.

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As a cement silo manufacturer, we are professional and reliable. We have a long history for over 35 years, having accumulated lot of experience. Moreover, we have strong competitive price advantages, already saved a lot of cost for customers, if you want to buy welded cement silo, or bolted cement silo and other cement silo for sale, please let us know your requirements we will give you a perfect answer. Send us your inquiry as below!

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